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"Lighting the path to safety"

"FARO was born out of the desire to fight back against a pandemic that has taken so much away from us. We saw a need for people to be safe and protected from viruses and bacteria, and we decided to apply the team's past experience in remediation (the treatment of mold and other contaminants in the air) to this growing need of environmental safety. We only use treatments and chemicals that we deem safe for use based on CDC guidelines, what is working for foreign countries who successfully flattened the curve, and finally, our own quality tests with what's known as hospital-grade equipment. We take this very seriously and that's represented in our logo!"

3. Certification

Not only do we bring facility experience into the table but we also provide you with a disinfection certificate and official cleanliness results that can greatly benefit your business. 

We help reduce the spread of viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, and allergens, on air, surfaces, fabrics, and more!


Faro means lighthouse in Spanish. Just as a lighthouse guides to safety, our business was created to do just that.


1. Surface Testing

Whether it is one time or recurrent services, each one includes clinically approved surface test before and after each job, so you can be reassured of the highest standard of cleanliness and safety.  

2. For Every Occasion 

Residential, Commercial, and Events can all benefit from air sanitation equipment let's you gather with others in a continuously sanitized environment.  But if you are looking for professional outbreak response, then our professional team will provide you with deep disinfections guaranteed with surface test results. 

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The More You Know ...

You may be using the best chemical, EPA  and CDC approved, and still not reach 99% effectiveness simply for not following the label instructions! 
1) Read the label!
2) Don't use the same rug for all surfaces as that can create cross contamination! 
3) If you are using chemicals labeled as toxic, make sure to use the appropriate protective equipment. Make sure to never use these wherever you place/cook food!



Risk Assessment

Identify the risks to maximize your safety measures.  A simple risk assessment could save you the cost of a covid outbreak or facility shutdown. 


Continuous Air Sanitation

Perfect for clinics, receptions, dinning areas, hair salons, spas, gyms, and events such as weddings, networking, team projects and more!


Deep Disinfection

 Protection for your loved ones at home and the workplace. We reach all the crevices and surfaces that are hard for you to disinfect. 


I called Faro to disinfect my restaurant and let me tell you that the business owners were very sweet. The employees were nice they took tests before and after. I saw the difference. Great service I’ll recommend 100%

Very professional. I used them to disinfect my house after our maid tested positive for Covid. They showed up on time, tested the house and found areas in my house immediately. They did a post test of the house and it was clean as a whistle. Thanks!!!!

Recently in my house hold we had covid. Faro came to disinfect the house, took samples before to see, then did the works for a few hours and i was amazed by the end results. I felt way much safer being in the house, they also did more samples collection after the job was done and sent me a report. After i felt way much safer and with my dad being a senior with chronic heart disease i knew everything was going to be okay. Definitely recommend to anyone and for sure i will have them come again!