A virus can be up to 6000% smaller than dust.

An Assessment can help optimize your preventive measures against Covid-19 by identifying the areas that may put your home or business at risk of an outbreak.  Receive a digital report with results and a cleanliness certificate.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


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We Breathe The Same Air.

The technology used by hydroxyl generators was initially developed by NASA to purify the air from the National Space station. Now it's used to sanitize the air we breathe in a variety of enclosed spaces such as neonatal wards, burned out buildings, and more due tp it's all around capacity to not only filter the air, but actively spread purifying agents into the room.



2 Methods One Service

Electrostatic Spraying

Thorough Disinfection Only With EPA Approved Chemicals.

Positively charged mist adheres to negatively charged objects to evenly cover all sprayed surfaces. 

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Ozone Clear Gas

Non-chemical Based All-surface Method.

Ozone is a transparent gas considered a virucidal and disinfectant for its effectiveness at destroying bacteria, viruses (including coronavirus) , allergens, and more in both air and surfaces.


To this day, no virus has been proven to survive the power of Ozone.