Thorough Disinfection Only With EPA Approved Chemicals.

Positively charged mist adheres to negatively charged objects to evenly cover all sprayed surfaces. 

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  • Electrostatic sprayers covers more surfaces than conventional cleaning methods, thus avoids damping the surfaces.

  • The time to cover an area is a lot faster than regular cleaning.

  • The areas can be re-occupied quickly.

  • Disinfectants used are EPA and CDC approved.

  • Can be sprayed on high touch objects.

How It Works

Our disinfecting solution becomes positively charged as it travels through the nozzle of the electrostatic sprayer. Because most surfaces are negatively charge, the disinfecting solution becomes attracted to the surface like two magnets attracting each other. 

Because the liquid molecules are all positively charged, they repel each other. This allows them to spread out evenly along a surface.

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Non-chemical Based All-surface Method.

Ozone is a transparent gas considered a virucidal and disinfectant for its effectiveness at destroying bacteria, viruses (including coronavirus) , allergens, and more in both air and surfaces.


To this day, no virus has been proven to survive the power of Ozone.


Effective Disinfectant Throughout History!

  • First used for drinking water disinfection in 1893. By the 1970s Ozone had replaced chlorine-based disinfections for drinking water around the world because it doesn't leave residue!

  • Used by the food and poultry industry to disinfect meats, fruits, and vegetables. 

  • Hospitals and clinics use it to sterilize the air and surfaces of operation rooms due to its high disinfection rate of 99.99%.

  • The remediation industry has used Ozone for many years in order to kill mold, odors, and dangerous contaminants in the air from fires and floods.

Natural Clear Gas That Turns Into Oxygen.

In its gas form, ozone can penetrate porous surfaces, which makes it perfect for disinfecting clothes, bedsheets, and couches. 

Ozone is also non-toxic for food and turns into breathable oxygen within 30 minutes, leaving no residue behind!

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