Step 1)

Call us to set up your assessment.

Step 2)

Bio-risk technician comes to your facility for a 15 minute surface test assessment.

  • Receive test results immediately.

  • Receive digital report the next day.

Free Assessment on Every Business Quote for Regular Deep Disinfection Services!


  • Help prevent an outbreak with minimal investment.

  • Give you a clear understanding on effectiveness of your current cleaning process.

  • Help you identify how to improve and have safer procedures.

  • Provide you with tangible results to prove your business or home is clean!


We take a sample with a special swab.


We insert the sample in the reactive tube.


The tube is inserted in our reader which provides results within15 seconds!


We compile the data into a digital report. Certificate of cleanliness provided when results are "Minimal Risk".

ATP swab liquid (1).jpg

Hospital-grade Equipment

FARO uses hospital-grade equipment by hygiena. The ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) device has been used in the food industry as well as hospitals to verify sanitation standards are met. After the surface has been swab-tested and placed inside the device, results can be seen in as little as 15 seconds! 

We compile the data to provide you with an official

digital report for your records. 

Hygiena device (1).jpg

A virus can be up to 6000% smaller than dust.

An Assessment can help optimize your preventive measures against Covid-19 by identifying the areas that may put your home or business at risk of an outbreak.  Receive a digital report with results and a cleanliness certificate.